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Facebook Group Creation & Growth Service

Facebook Group Creation & Growth Service

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Do you need a Facebook group with thousands of members made for you? Jazzmen will grow your group for you just like she helped grow The Girl's Inspiration, Relationship Quotes & Memes, and more!

This service will include:

  • Group Set Up: I will create your group for you and configure your settings. 
  • Group Cover: I will design a group cover based on your niche.
  • 20k Members: After this service is completed, you will have at least 20,000 guaranteed active members. 
  • Active Community: Your audience will be used to seeing your group on their timeline and they will engage willingly and more often.
  • Admin Assist: During this service, Jazzmen will be an admin in your group to moderate the group including but not limited to approving/declining posts, inviting members, and managing spam accounts.
  • Group Guide eBook: With the purchase of this service, you will recieve the How To Build & Monetize A Facebook Group eBook included. It will be available for download immediately after purchasing.

Results can be seen as soon as a month, HOWEVER, there is no guaranteed turnaround time. Get your Facebook group today!

Please keep in mind that when the slots are filled, your group will be built in the order it was received in. If there are 5 slots and you were the fifth to purchase, your group will be built last.

After purchasing, please message Jazzmen or email with your order number and you will be sent a form to fill out.

DISCLAIMER: Jazzmen will be giving you tips and tasks to complete as admin while the group is growing to ensure the group remains active and a growing community. Please do everything that you are told to do and refrain from doing things you are told not to do. Managing a group incorrectly can hinder the group's growth and engagement. 

After your new group has gained 20k members, Jazzmen will add you as an Admin and your name will be listed as the group affiliater, however, Jazzmen will remain Admin in your group. It is yours to do with what you please, it is your group, but Jazzmen will remain as Admin. Jazzmen will not promote services in your group or use your group for her own personal gain. If you do not want Jazzmen to remain Admin in your group, DO NOT purchase this service.

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