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JELA Made It

Wix Website Revamp

Wix Website Revamp

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After purchasing, please log into your Wix website and go to the dashboard and Invite to your website so we can work on it! Below is a screenshot of where the button is located! 

After inviting us to your website, please include the following in your email! 

- Your Business Name

- Your Logo (if you do not have one, you can either purchase one here or state that you want your website built without a logo for the time being)

- Your Desired Look (any specifications or suggestions you have for your website, design wise)

- Your Brand Colors

- Any Slogans You Have (These are phrases that will be used on your banners or throughout your website. Ex: "The BEST Lashes In Town!" "Be Bold. Be Different. Be SAVAGE!")

- Any Photos You Want Included On Banners or Collection Covers (if you do not have any, please state if you would like to keep your entire design text based or if you would like us to use free commercial use images from Google.) 

- Your Collections List (ex: tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses, etc)

Step Two:

After receiving ALL required items via email, JELA Made It will begin working on your website. Within the allotted time you selected at checkout, JELA Made It will reach out with a preview of your website. If you are satisfied with your preview, the design process will be completed. If you are not satisfied, please respond with any corrections or suggestions you may have. 

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