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What type of mockup do you need?

Need professional photos of your products but don't want to hire a professional photographer?

Are you tired of uploading crooked, pixelated photos of your product or are you just not getting the right angle?

JELA Made It has got you covered! 

What Kind Of Mockups Can You Make?

Any kind! JELA Made It can put your logo on a store front, on different varieties of clothing, beauty products such as body cream jars and lip glosses, stationary, mugs, shopping bags, shipping vans, you name it!

If you just need your logo on a shirt or a storefront, let us know! If you have a skin care line and need labels designed for your mockup, please select the correct variant!

What Is The Process?

After purchasing, please email with the subject "Order # | Mockup" with the following information (if you chose to use your own design/label, please just send the design you would like used.):

- Brand Name

- Brand Website

- Brand Colors

- All Information You Need On Your Labels or very specific details on what you want your mockup to consist of. 


After receiving all information, JELA Made It will begin on your design and reply back with a sample file to be approved. Once approved, you will receive a final copy of your mockup. 

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